Be Careful What You Look For

I searched for "Amarillo, TX" on YouTube, and wasn't too surprised with what I first. There were the usual amateur rappers, conspiracy theories, severe weather events, and road trip stories.

Then I saw a thumbnail photo of a toilet.

Welcome to the "Toilet Community"

The account Kingston Addict, had filmed inside of restrooms at several businesses around Amarillo. Morbidly curious, I clicked play on one of the short videos.

The videos featured the toilets flushing, the brands of the toilets, and even the faucets. Nothing was said. Just flush, and move on.

Digging through the comments I found that there is, apparently, an Internet subculture of toilet enthusiasts. I checked the Kingston Addict channel's "About" section, and sure enough, there is a thing called the "Toilet Community" on the World Wide Web.

Digging through the post history, there are videos from all over Texas. A quick glance showed twelve videos attributed to Amarillo.

Never let anyone tell you that you have odd hobbies or interests. All you need to do is find your audience.


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