In the "this could be the best summer of my life" file. Who didn't spend a lot of time out at Midnight Rodeo? I mean before it became a church. I mean that is one of the weirdest transformations here in Amarillo.

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Ok, almost as weird as the strip club that turned into a seafood restaurant. Am I right? So I am sure you spent many hours staring at some of these fixtures that made Midnight Rodeo that place that dreams were made of. Maybe not really dreams.

Who hasn't been out on that circular dance floor? Who hasn't walked from bar to bar trying to find a shorter line? Who hasn't spent time in the bathroom? The good news is you can own a piece of the place.

Hopefully, the toilets are off-limits. It seems like, though, most everything is for sale. A typical Thursday - Saturday night in Amarillo was spent there. I know I have even been to a few concerts there.

Yes, I saw Gary Allen there. Yes, I will admit I went to see Vanilla Ice when he came to Amarillo as well. There were some wild times in that building.

From West Texas Auctions Facebook page:

A Blast from the past. Midnight Rodeo in Amarillo, Texas closed their doors in 2017 and everything has been in storage. They have decided to liquidate almost everything that was in the club when it closed. Bar Tables, Bar Chairs, Bar Stools, Bar Sinks, TV's, Neon Signs, Pool Table Lights, Decorations, Speakers, Amplifiers, DJ Lights, A Country Record Collection, A Country CD Collection are just a few of the items in this auction.

I had to check out some of the listings. I mean, really. This stuff brought back some memories. There are nine pages of stuff that could be yours by the end of the month. The auction is currently running. You can start bidding online now. The auction will close on the 28th starting at 1 pm.

So go ahead and find yourself some treasures. Hopefully if you bid on one of the couches it is not one you previously puked on. I guarantee someone did. Just don't think about that.

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