In a year of uncertainty this is one of those decisions that make sense. Our Drive in Theater, Tascosa Drive In, is for sale. I get it. Now is the time. The owners are looking to retire and making those plans now.

It makes sense to finish on top. This is one of those businesses that really didn't get hurt by the pandemic. According to their Facebook Page they are making sure that this business gets in the right hands. I mean they don't want to see it go to someone who will just ruin what they worked so hard for. So I get it. Now is the perfect time. I mean they found new ways to make it work. A lot of artists have signed up this year to have Drive In Concerts. They are finding a way to make this all work.

So far the Facebook page has been shared over one hundred times and has tons of comments jumping at the chance. So many people in Amarillo would love this opportunity. So if you are looking to be your own boss and are looking for a new opportunity this may be your chance.

Tascosa Drive In is located at 1999 Dumas Drive near Wonderland Park. Let's make sure we keep this business thriving for many more years to come. It's hard to find a drive in theater and it's something everyone should embrace and experience. A fun way to catch a movie and still social distance.

If this is a business opportunity that you would love to be a part of make sure you check out their post on Facebook:

credit: Tascosa Drive In Facebook Page
credit: Tascosa Drive In Facebook Page

Let's get this great business new owner's that will continue with this great family tradition.

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