Last night at about 10:30 pm I started getting phone calls about reports of this bright light being spotted in the sky 10 miles NW of Amarillo. After I aired one phone call withing 10 minutes I received a hand-full  of call from people around the area who were seeing the same light. Some reported the white light being surrounded by multi-colors up into the sky as this white light moved location slowly at times disappearing!

We also had someone call in and say that not only the seen the light but heard a noise along with it! Like a deep low crunching noise. After receiving phone calls about this strange light, I posted this incident on face-book and people started send me pictures and a video.

What do you think. Was this just a bright star, Venus the planet, a weather balloon as we all seen before in the summer of 2011, or was this a UFO spotted over the Amarillo Skies?

Here's some pics and a video for you to make your own decision!



Here's a video a friend sent...

Also check out my facebook on what people were seeing and saying last-night!

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