A young couple experienced red faces and mild humiliation at the San Antonio Spurs game last night when the camera wouldn't leave them alone.

The San Antonio Spurs played the Utah Jazz last night. The Spurs won 118-81. They had a home victory and are off to the best start in franchise history. It was a great night for San Antonio fans.

Well, except for these ones.

During pregame warm-ups, the camera scanned the crowd for excited fans. What it found instead were two youngsters sitting side-by-side, in the middle of what appeared to be an awkward first date.

I don't make that assumption because they looked awkward. Yes, they did, but there's also the fact that all first dates are awkward. Especially when you go to a sporting event that hundreds, sometimes thousands, of people attend and you have to share your first kiss on the big screen.

If this wasn't a first date, this could be the start of an unforeseen romance. I just feel especially bad for those two, who had to explain what happened to their friends that arrived later.

"You guys didn't miss much. Oh, except we had to kiss on screen because everyone thought we were a couple."

That girl's real boyfriend is probably livid.

No matter what your assumptions are about their romantic situation, this video is awkward and wonderful.

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