Amarillo, Texas, is the only city named Amarillo in the country.

There are so many cities in America, it seems impossible to come up with a new name that hasn't been used before. In fact, certain names have been used for over 30 cities, including Washington, Lincoln, Springfield, and Franklin.

Some of those common names can be found in Texas, too. Plus, Texas has several cities named after more well-known places, like Miami, Cleveland, Atlanta, Rome, Paris, Nazareth, and Dublin.

Apparently, the Yellow Rose of Texas defied the laws of originality and remains completely unique.

'Amarillo' is Spanish for 'yellow,' so maybe no one else wanted to name their city after the color of dead grass. Actually, historians speculate that the name either comes from the yellow wildflowers that used to grow on the High Plains or the yellowish soil near Amarillo Lake.

Before Amarillo got its name, they actually called it 'Oneida.' If we had kept that, we would share our name with Oneida, Tennessee, and Oneida, New York.

Thank goodness our city name was changed and we get to be the most unique Amarillo in America.

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