You know how many times you hear that there is no such thing as a free meal? Well that is no longer true! Chick Fil a on Georgia Street proves that is wrong!

So here is the deal! The Georgia Street Chick Fil a has planned another receipt day and it is this Friday! Mark your calendar now for October 19th! It's so easy to get free food!

You go in on Friday and order whatever you want! I kid you not. Then you go back in anytime between January 1st and March 31st and you will get the exact same order again for FREE! Yep!

You just have to hold on to your receipt! That is all! It is so awesome. So if you haven't taken advantage of Receipt Day are really missing out! Take advantage this time!

Credit: Chick Fil A Georgia Street
Credit: Chick Fil A Georgia Street

I will tell you that the Georgia Street staff really is busting their behinds that day.They get you in and out in no time! It's great Chick-fil-A food! On Receipt Day and even when you go back for your free food.

They are happy to have you there! They really are! Thank you Joshua Raef and your whole staff! They are great people!

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