I saw a post on Facebook stating that we would get Allsup's Burritos soon. Oh, how I love them. I grew up eating one of those gut-bombs for lunch nearly almost every single day. I think that is why I am now immune to any kind of sickness.

When I went to Canyon High back in the nineties it was where the junior high is now. Oh, and that is right across from an Allsup's. I was addicted. On road trips, since I moved to Amarillo, I would have to stop at least once.

I, even think that is why i went to work for Affiliated Foods for years. I knew they provided those awesome burritos and that even much more sought after taco sauce. I even once bought a case of that sauce. Yes, in those individual packages. It was heaven.

So when I saw this on Facebook I started to investigate. It read:

There will be Allsup's burritos live in Amarillo in two weeks

So I had to start reading all of the responses. A lot of people were excited. I can say that I am definitely one of them. The thing I could not figure out is are we getting an Allsup's? Or is it just a place that will have those delicious burritos? Since the location is close to my house I need to know.

All that I have seen is that we are getting a Yesway at 2305 SW 3rd. Which is basically near 3rd and Georgia. Yes, please. I still don't know that it will be an Allsup's it looks like it will be a Yesway that will have the burritos. Can anyone confirm or deny? Help a fellow burrito addict out here, please.


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