Allsup's is a staple in the Texas Panhandle (even though it technically got its start in New Mexico). For most of us who grew up in small towns, you could always count on having an Allsup's around the corner.

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Heck, their jingle even says, Allsup's there's one near you.

I posted earlier about the Canyon Allsup's being torn down and oh, the comments. There's a lot of love and memories associated with that Allsup's. For us small town kids, it's an end of an era when the Allsup's gets torn down...even if there's a new one build right next to it.

Growing up in Hereford, I could always count on there being an Allsup's around every corner.  Heck, my grandparents lived out in the country and even way out there--there were two Allsups right down the road.

So let me ask you this....what comes to mind when you think of Allsups?

I'll start.

The Burritos

Lori Crofford/TSM Amarillo
Lori Crofford/TSM Amarillo

Allsup's is a staple in the diet of someone who lives in a small town. When you grow up with the luxury of Allsup's and then move away to a place that has no Allsup's, what do you think they do when they come back home?

Stop and stock up on Allsup's Burritos. Duh. It's all the power that's in those burritos--Trust me, it's not for the atmosphere.

attachment-Allsups burritos - change my mind

Oh and you have to have mustard on the burrito. Taco sauce might be allowed if there isn't any mustard.  Oh, and if you want to come at me with ranch--just stop, stop now. Ranch goes with just about anything, but it does not go with Allsup's Burritos. I'll fight you over it, too.

Just an FYI, for those who are separated from their beloved Allsup's, you can buy Allsup's Burritos frozen by the case. Unfortunately, you won't have a vat of their seasoned grease that gives them that special flavor. But it's close enough.

You might grab a chimi with your burritos because they are the bomb as well, but literally and figuratively.

The Smell

Let's face it, every Allsup's no matter new or old has the same smell.  I don't know if it's the week-old grease or what, but all Allsup's have that distinct odor that follows you from the store to your car to your house.  It could have something to do with that dirty mop bucket that's always out.

The Bathrooms

It's like a horror movie every time you step into one.  You wonder if you'll be grabbed by a demon from the abyss in an Allsup's bathroom.  What's even worse, is when you have to walk through the stock room to get to that tiny single bathroom.  I always wondered if I would ever see the light of day again.

Plus, the hand soap. The only handsoap they had was some Allsup's brand dish soap they pulled off the shelf.   Oh, and why is it that every time you stop at Allsup's the line to the bathroom seems eternal?

I will admit, I stopped at Allsup's in Fritch to use the bathroom and was pleasantly shocked, that was the cleanest Allsup's Bathroom I have ever used in my life.  I'm guessing all the new Allsup's are decked out with these new bathrooms. So Allsup's is moving on up in the world.

The Paper Cups

Do they even still use these wax papered cups?  I stopped getting drinks at Allsup's because of the cups.  After a while, your drink would sweat so much, that the cup would get soft and your drink hot.  Ick!  I think they finally joined this century and added styrofoam cups (yes, I know they are bad for the environment but dang it, they keep your drink cold and your ice from melting).

The Bread

Is it just me or is Allsup's sliced sandwich bread simply the best bread ever?

Christmas Trees

They always have Christmas trees during the holiday, but did anyone ever really by a Christmas tree from Allsup's?  I'm guessing more Christmas trees were stolen from Allsup's than bought.

 One cockroach away from being Joe's Apartment

I mean seriously, when I picture Allsup's, I see three bugs standing on top of each other in a trench coat and hat sneaking in the store.  Ok fine, it's not that bad....maybe.  All I know is even that would never keep me from my Allsup's burrito and mustard.

The bottom line is that I'm a small town girl and I love Allsup's. I stop there every chance I get. It's a small-town staple.  We probably wouldn't love it as much as we do, if it didn't have its own character. It's what makes Allsup's, Allsup's.

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