This is a conversation that really shouldn't have to be had. I honestly would wager that a big majority of us all know that if we have some drinks on a night out on the town, we shouldn't drive.

There are some who apparently missed the memo.

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There have been numerous reports of drunk drivers not only getting into traffic accidents in the early morning hours in Amarillo, but they have been wrecking into police vehicles. How faded do you have to be to run into a parked squad car?

Even more unfortunate is that some of these officers have suffered injuries, some of them serious injuries, because of this. These are individuals who could have been anywhere, doing anything else, but instead they're out doing what they can to protect the city. This is the thanks they get?

The absolute insane levels of disrespect for law enforcement aside, what about the absolute lack of respect for life in general? You may not have anything to live for, but don't project your lack of having a meaningful life on the rest of us. Most of us want to make it home at night, and would thank you kindly for getting an Uber instead of getting behind the wheel.

Drunk driving is an idiotic gamble in this day and age. There are so many options out there to help you get home safe, or at least afford the other people on the road a chance to get home safe. There are several ride sharing apps, taxis, and other options available. Of course, you could always just get a designated driver.

We can start now. Let's do better. Let's be better. Let's go a week without another headline about a drunk driver crashing into a police vehicle.

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