You know you can sing the song from the commercial. But were you really a Toy R' Us kid?

I remember getting my first Nintendo Entertainment Center from Toy R' Us. It was a big deal at the time. Having a Nintendo made you one of the cool kids on the block.

When you bought any video game or gaming system at my Toy R' Us, you parents got a slip after they paid for it. You went over to a special area where behind a locked room they would get your game or gaming system. Getting handed a big bag with your Nintendo was the best feeling ever.

I remember 5 years before that going into an aisle with tons of Star Wars figures, action play sets and other awesome things from the movies.

My brother and I knew that our parents would do something special for our birthday. They would take us to Show Biz Pizza (which later became Chuck E Cheese) and then after playing there, they would take us to Toy R Us. It was always the best day of the year for us.

There are a lot of people bummed about the news of the Toys R Us in Amarillo closing.

What is your favorite Toys R Us memory? Tell us in the comment section below.


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