So have you ever heard your friends, family, or even your children say that there is nothing to do in Amarillo? Well, there is plenty to do in Amarillo if you know where to look.

So I've made a list of the top 25 things to do in and around Amarillo. This list is not in any particular order, and everything is very kid-friendly. This list includes everything from catching a Sod Poodle game at Hodgetown to visiting the wildlife at Wildcat Bluff Nature Center.

This list also has some great places to eat at, like Napoli's, Joe Taco, and Polk street eats when you go downtown. Or Green Chile Willies, Feldman's Wrong Way Diner, and Bears Burgers and Dawgs when you visit Canyon.

There are also serval different museums that offer excellent learning opportunities about the Texas Panhandle. From the early settlers of the Texas Panhandle to the wildlife that is still here today, there is much to learn about the early days of the Texas Panhandle.

There are also several fun activities for the kids, from playing laser tag at Cinergy, interacting with the dinosaurs at the Discovery Center, and even riding the Mouse Trap at Wonderland.

This list is jammed packed full of stuff for the family to do.

Top 25 Things To Do In Amarillo

Here are the best things to do in Amarillo.

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