I was having a conversation the other day about Allsup's Burritos.  If you grew up in the surrounding Amarillo area (Amarillo doesn't have Allsup's, which makes me sad), then you probably grew up on the deliciousness of the Allsup's Burrito (and the chimi, but today we are focusing on the burrito). 

Photo Courtesy: Lori Crofford
Photo Courtesy: Lori Crofford

I grew up in Hereford and it was a regular thing to go to Allsups for lunch and get a burrito.  They are these bundles of fried deliciousness.  They are hard to describe, but they are just amazing.

So here's my issue, when I was having a conversation about the Allsups burrito, I mentioned that you couldn't eat an Allsup's burrito without mustard.  That comment was quickly followed up with an, "Ewww, who puts mustard on an Allsups Burrito?"   Of course my response was, "everybody".

I mean mustard is a must with an Allsup's burrito.  So I started asking a few people, "Do you put mustard on your Allsup's burrito?"  Most of them answered yes.

I asked my significant other Josh, if he ate mustard on his Allsup's burrito, and he say, "who doesn't eat mustard on their Allsup's burrito."  Josh grew up in Lubbock, so he knows about the Allsup's burrito.

I got a few more, gross responses than I expected.  Then of course, I got the Allsup's taco sauce answer as well.

So I am wondering it if is just a regional thing, to eat mustard on your Allsup's Burrito?

Also the closest Allsup's to Amarillo is in Canyon.   Otherwise you'll have to drive to Vega.


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