The question is posed, and Still Spirits says the answer is; yes you can, yes you can!  I say what the frak ever!  But, according to Gizmodo, the results are shockingly effective!





Just imagine you're friends leave a bottle of that cheap McCormick Vodka at your house, you feel like your stuck with some cheap crap, it will get you drunk, but it tastes like something you found in the trunk of your car on a hot day.

Well, simply add a bag of this magical potion called Still Spirits Top Shelf to it and you can transform it into a drinkable alcohol!

Still Spirits Top Shelf is a little baggy or bottle of flavoring that will turn that nasty Vodka, into a top shelf tasting beverage, like Bourbon.

The flavor science of alcohol, it's a beautiful thing!  They combined alcohol and chemistry, alchemy! (alcohol+chemistry=alchemy)

While I personally haven't tried the Vodka transforming flavor additives, but the good researchers at Gizmodo have, and they say:


These were way, way better than we expected. Sure, you could just buy a real bottle of bourbon or gin. But a lot of folks want to experiment with other liquors without investing in a whole bottle. And other people might wind up with a handle of leftover vodka and no idea what to do with it. If that's the case, then the pouches, at about $5 each, are totally worth it.

Don't throw away all that Vodka your friends keep leaving at your house!  Keep it, and serve it back to your friends in the form of a different alcoholic beverage!

If you ask me, this is GROUND BREAKING SCIENCE!

Get more on this story here at Gizmodo.

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