What you post isn't random.  It can say a lot about your psychological make up. Are you a narcissist? Insecure? Sensitive?  A new study by Brunel University in London reveals that people, who post about fitness on their Facebook page are likely to be narcissist. Researchers studied 555 Facebook pages and found people, who are insecure post about their relationship while people, who are conscientious post about their kids.

Narcissists post about their diet and exercise routines. Dr. Tara Marshall says: "Although our results suggest that narcissists' bragging pays off because they receive more likes and comments to their status updates, it could be that their Facebook friends politely offer support while secretly disliking such egotistical displays."

An article on Psychologytoday.com shows that posting a lot of selfies can be a sign of narcissism.  However, narcissism has many sides.  Here's a few:

  1. Self-sufficiency—thinking you can do things on your own and don’t need other people;
  2. Vanity—concern about appearance and a tendency to admire your own physical appearance;
  3. Leadership—believing that you should have authority over other people, and being willing to exploit others if necessary; and
  4. Admiration Demand—exhibitionism, feeling entitled to special status or privileges, and feeling superior to others.

So do you fit into any of those sides?  May I suggest counseling? ;-)

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