It's a weird day in the cyber-world.  Usually, the world is searching for music videos, fights, kittens, monkeys taking a pee in their own mouths and porn on the Internet, but the hot thing right now, is the Olympics commercials!

The commercials that have been airing during the Olympics are absolutely killing it in views online right now!  With over 15 millions views and growing, and that's not counting the times viewers saw the commercials on TV.

I bet if you do all the math on that your looking at around 40-50 million views!  For commercials!

But of course, the commercials wouldn't be doing so well if they weren't so compelling.

Nike, Adidas, P&G and more are being very creative with their commercial campaigns, and it keeps the viewers coming back for more.  Like a song that you just can't get enough of.

I gotta admit, I like me a good inspiring commercial!  It's simply amazing how a commercial can be so compelling, have such pivoting moments, say things that really mean something to you and truly inspire you, that it sticks and simply connects with you deep in your soul.

I think they've done a great job and I can see why the hot video topic today, is the Olympics commercial schedule.

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