I guess I just didn't notice it happening. At first they all accepted cash or card. Now, it seems like none of the self checkouts take cash.

First off, I do know that there are the rare instances where you can still find one that does take cash. If you find it, mark it on a map so you never forget where you found it. They're awfully rare nowadays.

So what's up with Walmart self checkouts no longer taking cash?

Cash; Not Conspiracy.

It's not part of some grand conspiracy. There's actually a reason why self checkout lanes are primarily just card. You can thank 2020 for this one too.

If you think back to last year, we went through "the great coin shortage of 2020." A lot of places starting encouraging you to use a card if possible, simply because counting back change was getting tricky.

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Walmart was no exception.

Things Are Slowly Going To Self Checkout Only.

Fast forward to 2021, and now almost all of the self checkouts you run into only accept cards. In fact, this has been the way of things for long enough now that the associates who lord over the self check pit have stopped reminding everyone they're card only. At least, that's where I shop.

When digging around for info on what could be coming next, I did find a few reports that allege Walmart has a plan to completely rid itself of pretty much all cashiers by the end of the year. According to these reports, there will still be cashiers for those with special needs.

Fresh New Layout Inspired by Airports?

One report even mentions a new layout with a wide open area lined with self checkouts that will stay open all of the time. I wonder if that's part of the redesign happening at the Walmart on Coulter right now. If you've been in recently, you've noticed things have been moved around, and sure enough...there's a big wide open area with nothing in it yet.

Walmart's corporate website goes over the plans for the redesign and says that the inspiration came from airports. "Contactless Checkout" is also highly featured.

They also are going to be incorporating their app more into the shopping experience. So, if you hate having to use a card when you are forced to use self checkout, you're probably not going to be a big fan of this.

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