Look, let me start by saying there are so many things on the road that annoy me these days.

Maybe it's because I'm getting older, maybe it's just because there are things that can easily annoy me.

I know I've voiced my irritation with a lot of little driving things since moving to Amarillo. From the red light runners to the people who can't figure out to get on the interstate, I've voiced my irritation.

However, there is one thing that annoys me above all of it. That's the atrocious amount of speed bumps and dips on the roads in the city.

Red light runners, I can counter by waiting for a couple of seconds before starting my move forward. Slow drivers, I can get around. Speed bumps and dips here come out of nowhere, and it seems there's no way to avoid them.

The worst part about them? They sneak up on you like a thief in the night I swear.

The majority of the speed bumps aren't painted, so you don't have ANY warning whatsoever as you approach them. You can be going the speed limit and you can count on your car hitting the speed bump so hard you feel your teeth chatter.

I understand the need for them, 100% I do. It does have a tendency to prevent speeding down roads from happening and deters those that hit them at a high rate of speed to rethink their decision.

What I can't get on board with is people like me who DO travel the speed limit hitting those things without notice. It's hard on the shocks of my car, and it's going to wear them out quickly. Some of those bumps arent exactly curved, and it's almost like hitting a curb head on.

The dips? Yeah, those are a similar story. I've seen a lot of those speed dips, or whatever they're technically called, where the dip is enough to rock your car, but long enough in length to where it doesn't bottom you out.

Amarillo dips are a different kind of special. No length, TONS of depth. Unless you slow down to about 5 miles per hour, your tires probably won't even hit the bottom of the dip. You just hammer your tires into the edges of the short, steep dip and could potentially puncture or blow your tire.

I'm not saying the city needs to get rid of them, all I'm asking for is SOMETHING to alert me they're there. Give me the opportunity to brake and slow down so it doesn't negatively affect my car.

I don't speed, I don't disboey traffic laws. Don't disrespect me by sneaking those up on me and causing potential damage to my car...or neck from the whiplash it gives me.

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