Last week I asked what's the Best ‘Date Night’ Steakhouse In Amarillo? Which one got the most votes?

First of all, let me come clean and tell you why I wrote this blog.

It was my birthday and I told my girlfriend that I really wanted a tasty steak for my birthday dinner. She said she would take me out for dinner that night. My secret plan was coming together nicely.

On the radio and Kiss-FM's Facebook page, I told you to vote on which place you thought was the best. The steakhouse in Amarillo that got the most votes was Saltgrass Steakhouse on I-40.

The dinner at Saltgrass Steakhouse did not disappoint. I got a great steak that came with a crab cake. It was amazing. My girlfriend got a salmon dish that was fantastic. Our server was super awesome too. It was a perfect dinner.

But the real kicker came afterwards. The reason I wanted to have a nice dinner was to pop the question. After dinner I decided to ask my girlfriend for a present she did not get for me... yet. I ask her if she would give me the gift of being my wife..... she said yes.

Credit: TSM D.B. Nyce
Credit: TSM D.B. Nyce
Thanks to everyone who voted for the best steakhouse in Amarillo especially those who voted for Saltgrass. It was a great birthday dinner. Which lead to a great birthday weekend.
We are getting married this July.


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