Dallas Chambers
Dallas Chambers

Texas is hands down the greatest state in the nation!  That's why I proudly where a tattoo on my arm boasting "Made in Texas"!  We have everything in this state.  Texas could be it's own nation and sustain.  This southern state leads the nation in producing computer chips and communications equipment.  Not bad for a state that everyone thinks is backwoods and all the people ride a horse in!  We are totally self-sufficient in beef, poultry, pork, grain, fruits, vegetables and seafood.  Texas has enough firearm owners that an army could be raised in less than 24 hours, and with that comes the lead in stolen firearms.

The problem with that is, that's how a lot of crimes are committed. Stolen firearms are a danger to the public and a financial loss to the owners.  They're frequently found at many crime scenes.

In Texas, firearms are commonly stolen from houses or vehicles.  The best thing you can do as a gun owner is protect yourself and your fellow Texans.

Lock up your guns!  It's just the smart thing to do!

A gun safe is great.  Even better, a gun safe that you can mount to your floor or wall.

You live in Texas, where on average there are 6 guns to a home.  That means there are a ton of options to purchase a gun safe.  Walmart even carries them, there really are no excuses.

If you own a gun, you need to own a gun safe.  If you own a gun and have children, you better own a gun safe!

I don't like seeing my pride and joy state being a statistic.  I love Texas, and I love Texans!  I speak very highly of Texans when a debate begins, please don't make me wrong!

Lock it up!

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