Reading is fundamental and during the summer months Barnes and Noble would like to give kids a free book by joining their “Summer Reading Program.”

According to their website, the book chain is offering a free book to children who complete to reading program.

All you have to do is select your child’s age range and download a reading journal to track your progress.

After the child fill out the bottom of the first page of the journal parents must sign as well to ensure your child gets a free book.

The reader must fill out the journal with the title of the book along with the author and give a summary of their favorite part of eight books in order to get their free book.

Children ranging from First to Sixth grade can participate.

Once completed bring the signed journal into your neighborhood Barnes and Noble between August 1st through August 31 and present it to an employee to claim your free book.

The journals are available in English and Spanish.

Happy reading young scholars!

For more information on the reading program click here.

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