Just a month ago we were all looking forward to cooler weather after a scorching hot summer in West Texas. Well we got more than we asked for. We are getting hit with ice and blowing snow with subzero temperatures. During winter weather do you know how to prepare for a chance of loss of power and what to do during the power loss? Most winter weather power failures happen when winter storms bring freezing rain, sleet, and high winds, damaging power lines and equipment. Without a steady supply of heat, not only are you impacted, but your home can suffer from dampness, damaging walls, floors and plumbing.

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First of all establish is the power loss is beyond your property, check breakers and visually inspect power lines if lines can be seen attached to your home. Never approach a downed power line. Do not leave candles unattended near children or pets.

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Stay warm, dress in layers and huddling under extra blankets, hang your darker ones on the windows to draw in heat. Keep doors and windows closed, and use towels to block drafts around them. If you actually have one, move to your basement, which may be more insulated by the ground.

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Never use gas generators, camping stoves or barbeques indoors; keep them in well ventilated areas and don’t use them for heating your home. If you’re using a cellphone, choose texting over calling to keep battery life, or use your landline. Save 911 for emergencies.

Unplug appliances and electronics to avoid a surge when the power comes back on. Leave one lamp on so you know when the power comes back. If you have electric heat, keep all taps on a slow drip to prevent pipes from freezing and bursting.

Stay warm and stay safe.