OMG... I thought earlier's blog of Mother killing her child over facebook was horrible. You won't believe this video! This woman beats her child for at least 5 minutes while another family member records it on video.

What is this mother thinking not only having it recorded, but also allowing her other kids to watch. In the video you will see the kids standing around and eating while the mother is beating up the 8 month old baby. Everything from kicking,pinching, pulling hair and beating the child over the head with an object!

This is so disgusting to watch and sad to hear this little baby cry for help. I pray for this little baby. With all this done the mother walks aways with just a slap on the hand and has to serve JUST 18 Months in jail!

This chick is freaking sick in the head...

How the heck did this person who recorded this could stand to watch this beating and get away with it!

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