53 year old woman is serving 10 days in jail after failing to pay a $480 fine for having a trashy yard. Linda Ruggles has sold blood and even volunteered for medical experiments to get money to keep her home from foreclosure. She was fined in 2010 after neighbors complained.The town says it tried to work with her and the police chief offered to round up some young people to help her clean up. It must be a messy yard because if she can't even get kids to help her clean it must be in bad shape. Bet her yard looks a yard sale everyday!

Ruggles was ordered to pay the fine or go to jail for 10 days. Officials say she didn't pay the fine within 90 days and then ignored court appearances and warnings from the town. Sorry to say but at least she don't have to clean now, because there's no yard in jail.

Do you have a neighbor that need to be ticketed for their yard?

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