I can't imagine a cop going, "stop that vagina, it's armed and dangerous", then proceeding to spray a woman right in the no-no with mace!  This is a 10 on the WTF-ometer!  Yet, New Mexico resident, Marlene Tapia, claims that's exactly what happened to her.  Well, not exactly what I said, but being maced in the vagina pretty much sums it up.  I realize police are given an amount of leeway in order to keep us safe, but I can't see how them performing this kind of act would keep anyone safe!

This has got to be police brutality!  But we need to get the hole, I mean whole, story before we go jumping to conclusions.

"New Mexico resident Marlene Tapia filed a lawsuit in November over an incident that took place two years prior. According to court records, police arrested Tapia for a probation violation tied to a previous drug case. While at the Metropolitan Detention Center, Tapia said two officers strip searched her and asked her to bend over at the waist. That’s when they noticed a plastic baggie protruding from Tapia’s vagina. Instead of taking Tapia to a doctor to have the baggie removed, she said one of the officers – Blanca Zapater – sprayed a chemical agent directly on her genitals twice."

Miley Cyrus anyone?

Miley Cyrus
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