The excuse of conducting some surveys in the name of research often results in gems like this. According to a new study by British retailer Debenhams, women aged 23 are likeliest to wear the shortest skirts.

Research showed skirt hemlines shrink from 14 inches when girls are 19 to 12.5 inches when they enter their 20s.

The researchers didn’t end their observations with women in the early 20s. As women seek to find husbands by age 28, the skirt sizes unsurprisingly shrink until they are 34. Lengths stay steady in their 30s, but turning 40 makes women flash flesh again in 14 inch skirts. “Cougars” we presume.

Some women who still have it, now wear mini-skirts until they hit 45, five years later than when the study was last carried out in 2009.  Skirt lengths fall below the knee at age 49 and elderly British women into their 60s women prefer maxi-skirts at least 31 cms long. So in other words, not that much different from American grannies then.

If this is true, that sci-thriller “In Time” starring Amanda Seyfried and Olivia Wilde in which no one ages past 25 should’ve been an absolute leg-fest.

[Via The Sun]

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