A woman got out of her car while stopped at a red light to close the door to her gas tank, but she accidentally left the car in drive.

A man who was stopped behind her at the stop light witnessed the whole thing and recorded a video with his dash cam. When she got out of her vehicle and realized it was rolling she tried to jump back in and take over the steering wheel. Her car started rolling across the busy intersection. She couldn't manage to take control of the car and fell underneath the rolling vehicle, causing it to run over her legs. The man who witnessed the whole scene thought she was going to be badly injured and was relieved when she popped back up and walked away from the scene uninjured! The vehicle later came to a halt after it crashed into a tree, not injuring anyone.

Glad everyone was okay and lesson to be learned is if your gas cap is not on or someone tells you the door to the gas tank is open, just pull over, put your car in park, and then close it.


Credit : Start HD

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