Today on 'The Hacker Morning Show' we had The Big Texan steak eating champion Molly Schulyer on the show. After eating 3 - 72oz. steaks at The Big Texan last-night (April 19th), Molly stopped by and accepted another challenge live on the air.

Less then 15 hours after breaking her own record at The Big Texan she decided to tackle this. Larry from Grandma's Cocina made a 9 1/2 lb breakfast burrito stuffed with  75 eggs, cheese, bacon, sausage, potatoes, tomatoes, and chorizo wrapped in multiple tortillas.

The burrito is so big that it was delivered to us in a turkey pan. This is the biggest burrito Molly has ever attempted. With not much time to rest or room in her stomach from breaking last-nights record, Molly felt she might not complete it but was up for the challenge.

If your feeling brave stop by Grandma's Cocina and order 'The Holy Hacker' breakfast burrito.

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