Join D.B. Nyce and The WOW Crowd all Summer Long at Wonderland!

Every Wednesday at Wonderland it's WOW Wednesday! D.B. Nyce will be out there LIVE broadcasting from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. While he is there you will get a chance to meet some of his fellow WOW Crowd. You might have already seen them on billboards around town.

Credit: Keisha Pardue

D.B. Nyce will also have your chance to win all kinds of cool stuff including Wonderland Park Grub Tubs.

Credit: Samantha Huerta

For you just $6 you can get a cup that can hold both your popcorn and a drink. That's a great deal! What's even better, buy the $10 Grub Tub and you can refill your soda and popcorn for just $1 for each the popcorn and soda.

Make sure to stop by and D.B. Nyce during WOW Wednesdays for you chance to be part of the fun. You might just win something too!