Have you ever really felt passionate about a non-profit here in our area? Maybe you donate when you can. Maybe you don't have the money but would really like to help. Either way today is the day to help out so much here in the Amarillo area.

Coffee Memorial Blood Center - 7500 Wallace Blvd is hosting a blood drive that can help so much today. It is called the Community Challenge. All you have to do is donate blood today. Give the gift of life. That donation will do so much.

First it will help to increase our blood supply. They have been dangerously low. That blood is needed so bad right now to keep their supply at a nice level. Plus when you donated you get to vote for a local non-profit. At the end of the day the one with the most votes will get themselves $2500 to help with their mission. See how this is a win-win right here?

Plus as always Coffee Memorial also has some great incentives to help you out. You will receive two shirts to add to your collection. If you are looking for summer fun you will also get a Wow Pass from Wonderland Park. There will be a pint of ice cream from Blue Bell Ice Cream. Finally they will throw in a gallon of milk from Plains Dairy.

You can set up an appointment by calling 806-331-8833 or even make one online HERE.

If you don't make an appointment don't worry you can always drop by and help out. This Community Challenge is going on from 9am - 7pm today and today only.

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