I don't know what it is about big money superstars not wanting to pay their bills, but here is another instance of a stupid lawsuit.  WWE Superstar John Cena is being sued by a roofing company for not paying his bill.

If you are a wrestling fan, and many of you who aren't, know who John Cena is.  He is one of the biggest Superstars wrestling has.  So I'm sure that he can afford to pay a roofing bill, right?  Well maybe but he hasn't.

A Florida roofing company has filed a lawsuit against Cena for $15, 214.92 for an unpaid roofing bill.  And that isn't all, they are threatening to put a lien on his Florida home if he doesn't pay.

Now I don't know how much Cena makes, but with all his merchandise I'm sure he can afford to pay this bill.  I mean come on to him $15,000 is nothing.

Pay your bills celebrities!!!  No comment has been made from Cena's people, but hopefully he will take care of this before he loses his home.