Yesterday, you may not have seen it happen but two absolute legends of wrestling got together in Amarillo for lunch. Mick Foley posted a photo of him having lunch with local wrestling icon Terry Funk.

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A Lot Of History And Talent In One Photo

It's an incredible photo, honestly. Both of these gentlemen raised the bar when it came to their art. They pushed themselves physically and creatively, all in the name of making sure the fans got more than what they paid for.

Both men took entertainment to a whole other level in terms of what goes on inside the ring during a pro-wrestling match.

Two Men Who Gave Their All For All Of Us

The first clip of the first video that pops up on YouTube when you search "Mick Foley best of" is one of him and Terry Funk.

This was back in Mick's Cactus Jack days. Chaos ensues as a monsoon of metal folding chairs rains down on the ring after the count.

To be a fly on the wall, listening in while those two reminisce on time spent in the ring; comparing stories. I'm sure many of those stories would be completely unbelievable if they hadn't been broadcast on TV.

Still Making Headlines And Capturing The Imagination

Last year, the wrestling world lost its collective mind over rumors and speculation regarding Terry Funk's health. Even the pros got involved.

Some were tweeting like the sky was falling. Others intervened to say all was well. Things got heated before everyone just decided to meet in the middle and say that Terry had some health issues but was doing just fine.

One of the things I love the most about living in this area is the wild wrestling stories; from painted bears, to Andre the Giant drinking beer out of trash cans. There's a rich legacy here that has produced absolute legends in the ring.

Including the great Terry Funk and the generations he's inspired.

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