In case you've missed the news, it looks like the curbside garbage carts in Amarillo could be expanding into new areas. This according to news reports that came out this morning.

According to a news report from KFDA, the curbside program is getting rolled out into more areas of Amarillo. The report states that the city has purchased a new "side loader truck."

The hope with the curbside program is that it will make our city cleaner. Also, it is supposedly cheaper, and will make waste management more efficient. It sounds like a win all the way around.

When you look through the comment sections of articles and posts about the curbside carts, however, it's a mixed bag of emotions.

There have been social media posts about the carts floating down the road after a heavy rain. People have complained about the wind knocking the plastic bins over.

But that's not to say that there isn't any "positives" to it. Without a dumpster, there's really nowhere for mattresses and dilapidated furniture to pile up. Without that stuff, you don't have to play "dodge the box-spring" when you go through your alley.

According to the news report, the expansion of the curbside pickup will take place in the next several months. We still have to wait for the truck to get here, and then wait to see how the city wants to go about expanding the program.

So no word yet on what neighborhoods will be saying "bye" to their dumpsters, and "hello" to curbside carts.

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