So there are not a lot of fireworks around the Canyon and Amarillo this year for the 4th of July. There will be fireworks at Hodgetown all weekend long. You can celebrate Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with fireworks.

There will not be any fireworks in Canyon this year. They are being postponed to a later date. If you are looking for more explosions this weekend you may want to take your family out to the Don Harrington Discovery Center.

They will have explosions of the legal kind for you all Saturday long. They will be hosting their "What a Blast Event." It will be kicking off Saturday morning at 10 am. Every hour they will have another explosive demo.

Don Harrington Discovery Center
Don Harrington Discovery Center

The kids will love it. They love anything with a bang. This 4th of July event will have fun with the science of combustion. It will be a fun family event. So if you are just in the mood for something different during this different kind of 4th of July celebration.

Plus while you are there it would be a perfect time to take the kiddos indoors to learn some more in a fun environment. I love a place like the Discovery Center. You know they are actually learning stuff. All they know is that they are having a fun time.

The kids will not be leaving there wishing they could hear more things go boom. I have a feeling that this will be just the break they need on Saturday.

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