Halloween is just around the corner. If you need help with a clever costume, we've got some ideas for you.

You might think that there's nothing unique about Amarillo or its history, but that's not the case. Amarillo actually has a lot of strange, weird, and wonderful aspects.

If you've always wanted to dress up as something unexpected, these are the perfect costume ideas for you.

Keep in mind that many of these ideas would only make sense to other people from Amarillo.

  • 1


    Everyone in Amarillo knows about the weird statue south of town depicting two legs that are often spray-painted to look like they are wearing socks. This would be an easy one - just get some tube socks (the kind with separate toe sleeves is even better) and let people draw on them all night.

  • 2

    Oprah vs. Beef

    Amarillo made national news when Oprah did a brief stint here during her trial with a cattle producer who sued her over her comments about Mad-Cow Disease. You might have to be a little creative with this, but I'm sure a wig and some hamburger patties could get the job done.

  • 3

    Bell Helicopter

    This would be a great pun - dress up as a bell with a helicopter propeller on your head. Viola! Bell Helicopter.

  • 4

    Sharky's Burrito

    Sharky's burritos are one of the most beloved, recognizable foods in Amarillo. You could wear a shark head and wrap yourself in tin foil and I guarantee people from Amarillo would get it.

  • 5

    Quarter Horse

    Amarillo is home to the American Quarter Horse Association and Museum. You could pay homage to this icon by wearing a horse mask and wearing a giant cardboard quarter.

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