Make your last minute shopping easier with some fail-proof gift ideas!

Is it really only two weeks until Christmas? Time seems to speed by during the holiday season, which can have adverse affects on your Christmas shopping. One minute, it's the first week of December and you have plenty of time; the next, well, it's today and there are only 11 days left until Christmas!

The most popular gifts of the year are on back order, sold out, or had their prices jacked up so high they aren't worth buying. Luckily, there are tons of gift ideas out there. You just have to be creative.

Here are 10 Christmas gifts that will make everyone on your list - and your wallet - happy.

  • Bed Bath and Beyond
    Bed Bath and Beyond

    Coffee Mug

    A coffee mug is the perfect gift for your dad, who has used the same mug for years, or your college-student cousin who's obsessed with green tea.

    Shop at Steinmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, or Barnes and Noble.

  • Barnes and Noble
    Barnes and Noble


    You don't have to be an avid reader to enjoy a book. Coffee table books have become extremely popular, with titles like "Today Is Going To Be A Good Day!" and "How To Tell If Your Cat Is Planning To Kill You." It all depends on the person. Get your little boy an adventure book with coloring pages or your grown-up girl a classic novel.

    Shop at Barnes and Noble, Francesca's, or Target.

  • JCPenney


    Wearing a comfy pair of slippers is one of the simple pleasures in life. These days, slippers don't even look like slippers. You can buy men's slippers that look like nice loafers, women's slippers that look like moccasins, and kids' slippers that look like Darth Vader. Okay, so you can tell it's not really Darth Vader.

    Shop at JCPenney, Kohl's, or Shoe Carnival.

  • Target

    Touch Screen Gloves

    People decided they just couldn't handle the fact that you can't use a touch screen phone with gloves on, so they found a solution. These gloves have special material in the fingertips that allows you to use a touch screen phone while you keep your hands toasty.

    Shop at Target, Walmart, or JCPenney

  • Hobby Lobby
    Hobby Lobby

    Picture Frame

    Nothing makes a grandparent happier than seeing a picture of their grandchildren. Teens love decorating every inch of their rooms with pictures of friends. That's why this gift works for everyone. Pick out a nice frame, take your phone to Walmart or Walgreens, print your pictures instantly, and give the gift of a memory that will last forever.

    Shop at Hobby Lobby, Target, or Walmart.

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