For as long as there have been a-holes on television, there have been men who love them. It’s a hard fascination to describe; perhaps there’s just something intriguing about the guy who is the powerful, confident type. These are the guys who say all of the memorable lines, the ones who get the girls — lots of girls, actually — and the ones who appear to have it all. Well, we want it all too!

While we understand in full (hopefully) that what we’re viewing is true fiction at heart, there’s still a tiny sprout of imagination inside us that yearns to be like these guys. Call it a little bit of a man-crush, if you will.And seriously, come on girls, you can’t say you totally hate these guys either.

Dr. Gregory House

Hugh Laurie

When it comes to our favorite a-holes, Dr. House has to be towards the top of the list. Honestly, a drug-addicted, handicapped, misanthropic genius? He sounds like an awesome a-hole. The character, as portrayed by Englishman Hugh Laurie, was such a great one that we had no qualms overlooking his a-hole-ish ways. We even watched him degrade, condescend and humiliate others for eight seasons without question! If only we were that brilliant.

Ari Gold

Jeremy Piven

Writers of the HBO series ‘Entourage’ sure knew how to create an a-hole whom we couldn’t help but love. The character of Ari Gold, as played by hair-plugged Jeremy Piven, started out as a powerful agent. However, as the series went on, Ari stepped into the realm of pure powerhouse. The guy totally controlled Hollywood. He was a shark in the industry, perhaps the best, but at the same time he loved nothing more than his family. See ladies? We’ve got a heart!

Tony Soprano

James Gandolfini

Sure, ‘The Sopranos’ was about a mob boss, but in truth, deep down it was about a guy attempting to maintain a family in his crazy lifestyle. Yes, James Gandolfini’s character of Tony Soprano was a complete a-hole, but he was also the boss. He was the man who had the last say on everything, and if you’ve watched the show, he even knew how to handle himself from time to time.

Kenny Powers

Danny McBride

This guy, he’s a total a-hole, but man is he funny! ‘Eastbound & Down’ star Danny McBride admitted that he developed that bluntly dry, sarcastic sense of humor Powers is so known for when he was substitute teaching after failing as an actor for a bit. Well, thankfully he had to go through those tough times, because pure comic genius came from it.

Hank Moody

David Duchovny

Good ole Hank Moody. Showtime’s ‘Californication’ is one hot series all centered on the screw-ups of writer Hank Moody – played by David Duchovny. Hank can most certainly be an a-hole with his snarky comments, apathetic attitudes towards nearly everything that doesn’t have to do with his daughter or love of his life, and his dismal outlook on normal societal happenings. He’s the bad boy who condescends to everything, writes filthy, yet elegantly, and the girls just love him.

Ben Linus

Michael Emerson

Guys love a sociopath, and Ben Linus from ABC’s ‘LOST’ is certainly one of the best – if there can be a best sociopath. Originally hired for a one-season character arc, Michael Emerson definitely surprised the crew with his creepy facial stares and psychopathic, monotone voice. He ended up becoming one of the best characters on the show. Ben was a lying, conniving, scheming a-hole, and we loved him for it.

George Costanza

Jason Alexander

George was a jerk, a total jerk. From knocking children down in order to escape a burning apartment to killing his fiancée with poisonous envelopes, Jason Alexander’s depiction of George Costanza in ‘Seinfeld’ was perfect. Costanza’s idiosyncrasies, both brazen and outrageous in terms of society, were something that we all felt somewhat jealous of. For the truth is that we too wanted to be as honest as George.

Dennis Reynolds

Glenn Howerton

The blowup of ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ came as a surprise to many people. Yet, here we are seven seasons later with the eighth beginning in September. The show has become one of FX’s most popular and hilarious series. Each character is an a-hole, each and every one. But, we choose Glenn Howerton’s representation of Dennis Reynolds as our favorite a-hole. The guy has so many qualities that make him a complete a-hole. Take your pick: he’s arrogant, a womanizer, ignorant, lazy, unambitious… it goes on and on. But that’s no matter to us; we still love Dennis Reynolds.


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