I was always told that our bodies start to fall apart when we hit forty. Once I turned that magical age I thought this isn't so bad. Turns out the reason it isn't is because apparently my body started falling apart long ago.

There are three different ages in our lives where our bodies tend to start giving us issues. We are not able to handle things like jumping, running, digesting stuff, sleeping like we use too. We are not able to burn off those nasty calories like in our younger days and those hangovers. Wow recovering after a certain age takes a lot more work.

That kind of stuff happens a lot sooner than that magical age of 40 that I had always heard about. So according to researchers our magical age where we shift from one body to a little less active body are the ages of 34, 60 and 78. Does that seem about right to you?

Apparently at those ages is when the research has shown that our protein levels in our blood have also changed. That is why our bodies tend to shift to our next older stage. Is there a way to slow that aging process down?

As of right now....no but the researchers are still looking into it. So maybe at some point they can find the fountain of youth. Maybe our bodies won't hurt so much just trying to get out of bed. That would be a win-win for a lot of us.


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