I'm pretty sure this is the mystery Canyon ISD employee that we heard about a week ago.  The case revolves around a 19 year old tennis instructor whom was in an improper relationship with a student.

The victim reported was a 14 year old girl, but another 13 year old student may also be a victim to the same man.

According to police, the investigation concluded that 2 counts of "simple assault by contact" would be filed against the 19 year old man.

Both charges are class C misdemeanors and carry a punishment of a fine up to $500.

Oh wow!  You mean a grown man can improperly touch a 13 year old girl, and he doesn't even go to jail for a few days?  Am I crazy or does that seem like way to lite of a punishment?

Apparently molesting children is not as serious of a crime as say..drugs.

The stupidity is starting to hurt my brain.

How the hell do these people sleep at night?  Oh wait I know the answer, they sleep with a young, naive child next to them.

This dude needs to get his ass kicked.

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