Childress Independent School District had to put Shanice Lambert on administrative leave after they learned of her inappropriate behavior.  And by that, I mean she was in a relationship with one of her students.

Am I crazy, or is this happening a lot more often then it used to?  What's the deal with some of the teachers these day?  Can they seriously not find a man their own age?  It's getting kind of pathetic.

Shanice has posted bond after being arrested on felony charges of sexual assault on a child.

Amarillo Globe News Reports

Childress ISD officials placed Shanice Lambert, 37, on administrative leave March 20 after they learned of allegations that Lambert may have been involved in an inappropriate relationship with a student, Superintendent Rick Teran said in a news release.

2nd degree felony charges should land Shanice in prison, but she'll probably just get probation.

I think they are way to lenient on sexual offenders!

A grown-ass woman can sexually assault a little, confused boy, and just get a slap on the wrist.  But if you get caught with marijuana, your going to prison for just as long as if you murdered someone.  Our justice system is seriously screwed.

See the full story here at Amarillo Globe News.


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