I love the fact that we have been getting moisture here in Amarillo. We have needed the rain. We have really been behind in the amount of rain we normally receive and it's nice to start catching up.

The problem with Amarillo is we either get no rain or it seems we get it all in one weekend. It seems we can never just spread it out just a little bit. Gutters are an important investment that we should all have on our houses. Gutters are one of those things that really end up paying for itself. What would you rather do? Pay for gutters now or wait until you have some costly repairs that will be needed later on your house?

I vote for the gutters now. What kind of issues could you see later on without having gutters? Have you noticed cracks in your walls? That is a foundation issue. Gutters can help make that not an issue. Having gutters will keep that water away from your foundation. Gutters will help your home not get those cracks in the wall and ceilings.

Keeping that water off of your home will help the upkeep of your exterior as well. Rain water can erode your siding or brickwork. Have you priced how much new siding could run you? Again maintenance on your house now can help with those costly repairs later.

Another great thing about gutters is that you can collect rain water easily. I like to put a container at the end of my gutters so I can collect that excess rain water to use to water my flowers and garden. Nothing is better for your plants then our nice Panhandle rain water.

Keeping that water handy to use is a win win. It's free water. Oh and it's great water to help our plants grow better.

Gutters can do a lot for our homes value both in resale and saving you from costly repairs. They are well worth it in the long run. Especially when those Amarillo skies tend to want to open up like they have these past few days.

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