There are good ideas and bad ideas. Then there are ideas that could and should never happen. This is one of those ideas that should never (and could never) happen.

Per the usual, I was just scrolling through Reddit and saw someone ask the question why they don't just mesh Amarillo and Lubbock into one city.

Ok, now I'm here for the idea that cities can end up being connected. For example, I don't think it's going to be much longer before Amarillo and Canyon are connected all along I-27. There are plenty of places that are popping up along the highway between the two cities, and plenty of other places that will start to build.

That is plausible considering they are neighboring cities and only a stones throw away from one another.

Amarillo to Lubbock? Ok, let's think about this. How about we start with the fact that the two cities are a good 120 miles apart. There is pretty much no way in the world you can connect 120 miles of highway. I think the biggest area I've seen completely connected in that manner is San Antonio.

Mind you, San Antonio is the ONLY city in America that doesn't have an suburbs within it. It's literally just one, giant city.

Connecting Amarillo to Lubbock would mean trying to connect AT LEAST 10 different cities. That's simply not going to happen. There aren't enough businesses or restaurants to be able to pull that off. Look at the size of buildings as you travel from just Amarillo to Canyon. They're small, even though they could be large.

The giant Tesla plant they're building in Austin? 2,000 acres, which is the equivalent of 15 city blocks. It's just shy of one mile long. I've seen this thing in person, it's GIGANTIC. It's also the second biggest factory by size in the WORLD.

Yet along the highway, it still feels small trying to think about connecting Amarillo to Lubbock. Looks, we're two completely different cities, and if they ever connect for some reason, we've gone severely wrong somewhere. Let us remain separate, and stop talking about the fact that you see enough building to think they're going to ever connect.

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