I've been cocky about this situation, I'll admit. All of my friends here in Amarillo have experienced it. Vehicle break-ins, I'm sure this is one of the more common crimes here in Amarillo. I didn't think I would be a part of this statistic but here I am to blog about it.

I woke up this morning to take my dog out to potty and found some of my stuff laying on the porch, I'm half asleep and confused. I looked and saw the doors to my car were open and my glove box was scattered on the passenger seat. I'm still confused, I wondered if my boyfriend was looking for something in my car, but he was asleep.

Still confused I let my dog go potty and take him inside. I look through my car and just start laughing, I finally got my official Amarillo Welcome. It's finally happened and I'm part of the cool kids club.

You can't kill my vibe on a Monday. Have you had an Amarillo Welcome? Let us know in the poll!

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