At this point, the State bird should be a chicken.

Why do we need another chicken joint? Because we didn't have this one, and Lubbock did. To add to the experience, we waited until 12 noon Saturday to go and I was not disappointed. It was slammed.

Some very nice people, passed a menu, as soon as we walked in. The inevitable comparison to Raising Cain's began with chicken tenders and ended with wings. I could, and probably have eaten my weight in wings. Slim has plenty of dipping sauces for wings and a house sauce for the tenders. I'll have both, please.

True story: A woman next to me, asked how long the wait time was. Someone had told her an hour and a half. The look on her face gave away her already present anger. The manager smiled and told her 20 minutes max. It didn't help her disposition any but it made my day.

As packed as they were, the staff kept smiles on their faces and the food coming. When I see a fellow diner lay into someone taking or bringing orders, I make a point of smiling and saying "Please" and "Thank You" to the recently scolded. You'll be seen as an oasis, in the desert of the nasty.

The spouse and I enjoyed the food, the guitars on the wall, and the basketball game on TV. To those who say "Amarillo doesn't need another (fill in the blank)", I say P'shaw Amarillo needs whatever it is Lubbock has. Midland has a Jack-In-The-Box and Amarillo certainly needs whatever the Petro-plex has, but I digress.

If you're waiting for the crowds to thin out, you're missing one of the best parts of living here. In Amarillo, we speed up at yellow lights, and we pack restaurants when they open.

That's the Amarillo way!




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