I was driving home Saturday night and mistakenly took the I-40. I usually avoid the Interstate cause it's a nightmare to navigate. I came to a complete stop at the Georgia Exit, I couldn't believe the traffic was backed up from Coulter.

I noticed people had come up with their own exit strategy, by just simply driving off the interstate onto the frontage road.

I was laughing and jealous cause I was still stuck on the I-40 behind truck after truck. There was an open lane on the left-hand side of the Interstate, so I drove through it. I eventually, made it to the Olsen street bridge and took the 'man made' exit off.

I noticed the city placed giant orange cones to prevent people from driving through, but it didn't stop people from making a new dirt path.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Should we completely close exits and try to get off the I-40 when permitted, or take matters into our own hands and have makeshift exits? Let us know in the comments!


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