Have you ever driven by the Dairy Queen on Washington and been a witness to kids on horses in the drive thru? This is Texas after all.

In the minds of many we all ride a horse to work or school. Heck I thought that when I moved here. I was sadly mistaken when there was not one readily available outside my front door.

How was I going to get to school? Oh, the bus? Now that is not as exciting. How about your chance to see that true western parade? I'm talking about 60 longhorns, lots of horses, and even some great fast-draw demonstrations.

After a year of everything being cancelled we are finally back at it. The events are coming back and this is no exception.  The Coors Cowboy Club Ranch Rodeo will be  making its way to town coming up on June 3rd. To kick it all off we have this great parade. According to the Coors Cowboy Club Facebook page:

60+ Longhorns are going to take over Polk Street on June 3, 2021 signaling the start of the 2021 Coors Cowboy Club Ranch Rodeo!

The parade will still be in Downtown Amarillo. The only change for this year is the location for the rodeo. The rodeo will all take place at the Tri State Fairgrounds. There will also be a Cowboy Christmas shopping experience on June the 4th from noon until 4pm. No charge for admission.

There will be plenty of photo opportunities all weekend long. Can you just imagine the smile on the kids face? All those horses and longhorns all in one place. Don't miss the parade to kick off this great rodeo.

You need more details? They are all right HERE. So grab the family and let's kick off the Coors Ranch Rodeo the right way.

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