What is the deal with crooks these days?  What happened to the morals and honor that came with being a thief?  Times are changing I think that's what it all boils down to.  That's why when I got the call yesterday saying there was a man trying to steal a Coca Cola truck on 6th St, I wasn't at all surprised.

From Amarillo Native Melissa Haskins:
ok so idk if u remember me calling asking u about where the coke truck almost got jacked from...well i just found out the details of what happened after he tried to steal the truck he went into the store got a coke and was spilling everywhere when the manager asked wat he was doing he said was guna buy this coke then threw it away then walked down the candy aisle and peed on the floor grabbed a box of cheer laundry soap opened it and said i got to clean this up i pissed myself...then got tazzed by the cops for resisting arrest...WOW ppl are awesome

People are awesome!  What on earth was in that truck that he needed so bad?  Nothing of any real value, they're not keeping cash in the trucks, just sodas.  Maybe he really needed a ride to the crack house cause he just needed a fix?  Either way it ended with 6 police drawing guns on the man before he finally surrendered.  My understanding is nobody was hurt and nothing ended up missing, minus the pride of the poor soul that had to clean up his pee.