Let's face it, mosquitoes are a nuisance and they carry disease.  Name one person that likes mosquitos (I'm not even sure PETA does).

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That's why it's great to know that someone is taking care of mosquitoes right here in Amarillo.


This guy, Zac Badrow who is the Environmental Health Specialist III with the City of
Amarillo Environmental Health Department is one of the main defenses against mosquitoes in Amarillo.

Apparently, Amarillo has swamplands? 

Who knew?  Now they aren't big enough to get a fan boat on or breed alligators, but mosquitoes, yes.

“There is quite a bit of what can be called swamplands around Amarillo,” said Badrow, a River Road High School and West Texas A&M alum who has been with the city for five years. “We have those locations mapped out and check them on a regular basis. There is one such spot right in the middle of Amarillo – Amarillo Lake. It holds quite a bit of water. There are also playa lakes that surround the area.”

Mosquitoes love to hide near murky water found in swamps and other items.  Items you probably have sitting around your house that has standing water in them.

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“Mosquitos love tires, containers, and standing water,” Badrow said. “There are all types of environments suitable for mosquitos.”

Did you know that there are six to eight different types of mosquitoes that live in Amarillo?

Does anyone want to move yet?   I know the only place you're going to get away from mosquitoes is somewhere that is so cold they can't survive.

The great news is Badrow is making sure Amarillo is taken care of, and the City of Amarillo starts spraying for mosquitoes at the end of March or early April.  They keep it up through the end of summer.  So the mosquito battle is going on right now!

Know of an area where mosquitoes are taking over?

“Citizens are a crucial piece as far as calling in and telling us where mosquitos are so we can go in and reduce the population,” Badrow said. “It is all about keeping the community safe.”

Mr. Badrow, thank you for murdering these blood-sucking nuisances, we appreciate all you do to keep them away from us, our families, and our pets.

You are a hero, sir!

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