Today, I met a man who needs to be recognized for what he does in his neighborhood in Amarillo.

If you ever go to Bones Hook Park and ask someone who Tremaine Brown is, not only will they say he's one of the owners of Shi Lee's Barbecue & Soul Food Restaurant, but they will say he's the guy who's always cooking food and giving it to all the kids that are at the park that day. I had the pleasure of meeting Tremaine and just by talking to him, I can tell he has a huge heart for his community. Tremaine is a single dad and finds time to run his restaurant and cook at Bones Hook park at least 2 or 3 a week for all the kids out there.


Brown said that he makes the extra time to cook for the kids at the park because sometimes that's the only meal the kids are getting. He buys all the meat with his own money. He brings out his own cookers and cooks for hours to provide meals not just for kids but for anyone else who is hungry. And one of Tremaine's dreams is to get a playground built at the Martin Luther King Jr. Park.

If you ever go to Bones Hook Park, look for the guy cooking and shake his hand. It's little gestures that will make someone's hard work feel noticed and appreciated.

Thanks Tremaine Brown for all that you do for others in your neighborhood!

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