Road construction and closures in Amarillo seem to be everywhere and causing delays all over the city.  From downtown, on I-40, Coulter by the hospitals and more, here's the latest updates courtesy of the City of Amarillo.  Read, share and exercise caution friends!

As always, if these locations include your travel route to work, school or whatever, use caution and plan accordingly.  Leave a little earlier so you have some extra time, just in case you get caught up in some ugly traffic.

Coulter is one of the busiest streets in the city, especially near the hospitals, so this first one could have a major impact on your commute.  During this project, pay close attention for emergency vehicles trying to get an injured person to the hospital for treatment and do your best to give them the space needed to get through.

City of Amarillo

"Overlay work on Coulter between I-40 and 9th Street, in the area of the hospitals, continues to cause delays. City Engineer Mark Read says the contractor worked on the project over the weekend and should be finished by this Wednesday. In the meantime, motorists who need to travel in that area are asked to use extra time and caution.

Beginning Wednesday, Oct. 22, motorists should expect additional closures and delays on South Pierce Street from S.E. 4th Avenue south to S.E. 9th Avenue as the later stages of construction of a sanitary sewer main and other associated utility facilities begins.  Work also is expected to take place in the area of S.E. 7th Avenue and S.E. 8th Avenue from South Pierce Street east to the Buchannan Street and Lincoln Street alley."

Pierce Street downtown has been down to 2 lanes for quite some time now, and it appears it will get worse as they tackle the remainder of the project...

City of Amarillo

"Traffic on Pierce Street has been open to two lanes of traffic in the southbound direction but, beginning Wednesday, traffic will be limited to one lane of traffic in the southbound direction beginning at S.E. 4th Avenue until S.E. 9th Avenue for the remainder of the project.  S.E. 6th, S.E. 7th, and S.E 8th Avenues will continue to be closed to through traffic during this construction. Pedestrian sidewalks will also be closed in portions of the worksite. There will be large heavy construction equipment working throughout this worksite.

The work is currently scheduled for completion on or before Wednesday, Nov. 26, 2014. Motorists are encouraged to take alternate routes to their destinations and are asked to drive with extreme caution through the construction area. Pedestrians should also take alternate routes to their destinations."

Just when you thought there was going to be a nice vacation from road construction on Hillside, another project begins as they replace the sewer line.

City of Amarillo

"Due to construction of a new sanitary sewer main in Hillside Road, motorists should expect minor delays beginning today. The construction will require traffic to be reduced to one eastbound lane on Hillside Road on the west side of the intersection with Coulter Street. Motorists are advised to use caution and expect minor delays.

The City and its contractor will work diligently to minimize any adverse effects of this closure to area motorists and residents. All lanes are expected to reopen by Jan. 16, 2015."